Hubbell Bulletin 4805 MAGNIFIER AC™ Magnet Controller

Class 6805 MagnifierAC™ Replaced By Hubbell Bulletin 4805 MagnifierAC™

Class 6815 Type A Lifting Magnet Controllers

These controllers are designed to handle the large inductive currents switched during magnet operations. The Type A Magnet Controllers are designed for 31-130 ampere, generator-powered magnets. Applications include crawler cranes, mobile cranes, locomotive cranes, and DC generator-powered overhead traveling cranes.

Class 6815 Type M Magnet Controllers

These controllers are designed to provide efficient, reliable control of highly inductive current and quick, clean load release, for any manufacturer's full-voltage lifting magnet.

Class 6815 Type MF Magnet Controllers with Fanning Control

The Type MF controllers have an additional slow-discharge circuit, activated by a separate Fan push button. This feature allows the operator to visually control the dropping of all or part of the load, depending on the length the time the push button is held depressed.

Class 6815 Type MG1 Lever Lift-Drop Master Switch

For use with Class 6815 Magnet Controllers

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